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red light therapy. massage therapy. pain management.

Total Body Wellness

"whole-istic" health 
physical • mental • emotional • social


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Heal Safely. Perform Better. NovoThor Red Light Therapy
Red Light Therapy

Total You Health believes our solutions offer a path to complete wellness and "whole-istic" health.  What does this mean? It means detoxifying, repairing, & restoring us at our core -- our cells. Without taking you all the way back to Biology class, the human body is made of trillions of cells that provide structure for the body, take in nutrients from food, convert those nutrients into energy, and carry out specialized functions. 
"Healing at a cellular level" simply means, "healing your core make-up." You're renewing yourself. 
We offer: Red Light Therapy, Massage Therapy, Body Contouring, P.E.M.F., PowerPlate Vibration Therapy, Radio Frequency for the Face, Wellness Testing

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What our clients say

"I am so grateful to have Total You Health and PBM therapy available in our area because this therapy has been extremely effective in treating my joint inflammation and general aches and pains due to arthritis and Lymes disease. My 11 year old golden retriever, Chloe, suffered from severe arthritis with joint pain that limited her mobility and mood. After only 3 treatments, Chloe is once again playful, able to chase squirrels and go for a daily walk!"

- Jill W.

Roanoke, Virginia

Now Doing Business in all 50 States

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