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Total You Health offers Qest4 Bioenergetic Testing.  It is used to pinpoint areas of weakness in the body and does it in a non-toxic, non-invasive way.  There are few contraindications (pregnancy, or anything that has been implanted in the body that works electronically, such as a pacemaker, cochlear implant, insulin pump, etc.).  Lastly, if someone has had an organ transplant, they are also not a candidate for this therapy.

Since a person comes into contact daily with chemicals, toxins, viruses, and more, certain herbals and nutritional and homeopathic treatments can assist the body in protecting itself against these invaders and help give cells what they need to repair themselves.  

Working on a cellular level to rid the body of toxins, Bioenergetic Testing can help pinpoint areas where these toxins have made the body weak, and suggest the specific remedies which will help those areas heal in a non-toxic, non-invasive way. 

This therapy uses the body’s own energetic makeup and sends a painless microcurrent through the body, much like the way EEG’s, EKG’s, and MRI’s do.  The system takes this information and puts it into the software program where in real time it pinpoints areas of unhealthy cells then makes recommendations as to what the client could do to help bring the body back into balance.  

There are tens of thousands of scans in the database and depending upon which one is selected, it may help the body rid itself of heavy metals, mold, viral, bacterial, or chemical toxins, as well as tell if there are any vitamin, mineral, hormone, or neurological deficiencies.  There are even individual scans that can be run on various systems and parts of the body, including the heart, brain, lungs, etc.

Bioenergetic Testing

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Qest4 bioenergetic testing

In a one-hour session, three body scans can be performed, all of which come with two homeopathic remedies and a drainer.  Homeopathic drops work to pull toxins out of cells that cause areas of weakness in the body.  Drainer (or binder) capsules work to bind the toxins and flush them out of the body.  

Most individuals do not feel anything while going through the body scans but if someone is very sensitive to energetic fields, he/she may feel little pulses of current.  If the system makes any other suggestions as to additional herbals or supplements one may need, Total You Health can order them for the client.  Orders are placed with one or two companies that make naturopathic and other supplements with no fillers, chemicals, or toxins.

    Total You Health has used Bioenergetic Testing to successfully help clients with a wide variety of conditions including Multiple Sclerosis, Lyme disease, arthritis, Lupus, and those who have low energy with no medical explanation of why this is the case.  It is the only business in the area to offer this therapy and they are thrilled to be first-to-market with such a unique, helpful device.

A Bit of History on BioEnergetic Testing

Based on Biophysics, Bioenergetic testing was discovered in the 1940’s whenGerman doctor Reinhold Voll  (1906 – 1989) was trying to see if he could affect the Chinese meridian system (acupuncture) by using electricity instead of needles.  He developed a machine that could do this but he found it only gave temporary results.

Working with some Naturopathic Doctors and herbalists, he wanted to see if herbs or homeopathic remedies would help hold the results longer.

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During a seminar Dr. Voll was speaking at, he tested a doctor and the scan showed a weakness in the doctor’s prostate. It was time for the audience to break for lunch, at which time this doctor bought some echinacea (a remedy known to support the prostate). 

When they reconvened, the doctor was tested again. This time, the prostate showed no weakness.  Dr. Voll asked the doctor what he did while at lunch. The doctor told Dr. Voll he bought some echinacea, which he had kept in his pocket. Dr. Voll told him to take it out of the pocket and set it away from them. Then Dr. Voll retested him. To their surprise, he tested weak again!

Thus, the beginning of bioenergetic testing was born!


“After years of experiencing irregular menstrual cycles and suffering from severe PMS I decided to seek an alternative healing process, that for many years my traditional doctors wanted to cure only by prescribing me Hormonal Birth Control to “fix” the issues. Working with Total You Health has helped me find deficiencies and identify areas within my body to work on to increase my overall health and wellness. The tests were fast and easy, and Linda is great with helping me understand my results and following up with my daily progress. In my experience since working with Linda is that my symptoms have become more manageable and overall I feel much better. I am back on a normal regular menstrual schedule, my hot flashes are fewer each month, my craving for sugars have decreased and I’ve had less bloating and pain.”

- Tammy C.

"The Qest4 Bioenergetic testing has literally given me answers to some of my unsolved health questions that went unanswered for years!  Thank you Linda and Qest4!"

- Denise F.

"This offers a drug-free alternative that is very effective!  I’ve made less doctor visits and it’s cheaper than co-pays for different specialists.  What’s more, it works!  No more professional guessing!"

- Dena G.

"Bioenergetic testing is different from anything I have done before.  I have had alternative medicine scans done but they required me to take multiple drops.  This is much better because everything is combined into one dropper bottle.  Also, throughout a dropper sequence, the drops would increase each week and I had to keep up with everything.  With what Linda does, the drops stay consistent until I do another scan (or run out of drops).  I have noticed a big difference in my sleep especially since starting with the Qest4 Bioenergetic testing."

- Pam K.

"Bioenergetic testing isn’t like anything else I’ve experienced.  It is the most thorough and comprehensive testing I’ve ever received.  Not just the testing but the treatment to match.  Most of the time I get passed from specialist to specialist who can only prescribe a medication for 1 symptom based on me describing symptoms or lab work.  The specialists don’t communicate with each other.  However, Qest knows everything down to my dental and sinus symptoms and was correct about my son and I having mold in our bodies when we hadn’t found it in the apartment yet.  It is like having every test, every specialist communicating at once and coming up with an easy to take, natural remedy instead of many prescriptions."

- Sarah M.  

"I reached out to Total You Health because I had heard about the scanning device and I thought it would help me with my health where I had found some blockages.  From the moment I called the office, I felt very good. The receptionists were extremely kind and helpful. Linda Bailey herself is exceptionally warm and supportive. I had wondered if toxins or some nutritional deficiencies were causing the some of the issues that I was having. I received my first set of the drops after the scan and was curious to see if I would notice a difference after taking them. Very quickly, my sleep became deeper. Though I felt more tired at first almost throughout the whole month of taking the drops, I felt it was my body detoxing, which I know needs energy too. My bowels had been a little sluggish before and that didn't change at this point. But I tried the scan a second time and we focused on more specific ailments I had and my energy was better, the bowels were better. I am really glad to have done this Bioenergetic testing even though at first I was partially skeptical and partially hopeful.  I have been really impressed by what it can find through a scan and I know some of my issues are chronic and require time, but I am very pleased with the results thus far.  Thanks to Linda and Total You Health!"

- Rita P.

"Qest bioenergetic testing is unlike so many other forms of healthcare because it helps identify deficiencies, parasites, allergies, toxins and other root causes for illness.  When we get to the core of what our body is missing or battling against, and remedy that by providing tailored homeopathic drops to address each issue, we restore our body to a sense of balance and equip it to do what only it can do:  heal, rebuild, and grow like it should.  Without understanding the root cause we may spend a lifetime treating and band-aiding symptoms without ever really feeling like we’re making progress.  Qest4 testing makes sure that’s not the case and will help you make improvements in your health.

Not only is this for humans but for animals as well!  My dog was attacked by another dog so he was hurting and probably had some trauma issues as well.  We ran a scan for him and soon after starting on the drops, he was so much better!  The drops really made a difference for him and he’s back to being his adorable fluffy self!"

- Cilla T.  

Interview with Carol Galloway, Director of Qest, LLC

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