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Photobiomodulation for equine

PBM therapy for horses works the same way as the therapy does in humans.  It improves tissue repair, reduces pain, and reduces inflammation.  These all affect your horse’s physical and mental health and left unchecked, can lead to many other chronic conditions.  

    Studies have shown that applying red LED and near infrared light to an inflamed area can make a significant difference in reducing inflammatory numbers in the blood after only 30 minutes.  Best of all, the high intensity single point lasers can release trigger points and treat acupuncture points instead of using needles.

    Total You Health uses a Veterinary Portable Thor PBM system and uses company protocols for conditions that affect equine clients.  It can help with muscle, tendon, and ligament injuries, pain management from trauma and post-surgical wounds, inflammation and swelling, wound healing, degenerative disc disease and more.  

    Anti-inflammatory drugs do not heal, cannot be used before a competition, and often have side effects.  PBM is best delivered as soon as an injury occurs but is helpful at any point in the recovery process.

There are over 1,000 laboratory and clinical trials published in medical journals proving that PBM can heal soft and hard tissue, but also offer pain relief and rapidly resolve inflammation without the side effects of drug therapies and for less cost.

Photobiomodulation therapy is applied to our equine clients by thoroughly trained Total You Health employees.  For over seven years, Linda Bailey has been using PBM on human and horse clients with significant results.  To be even more precise with the trigger point therapy, Linda and other employees are working towards an ESMT (Equine Sports Massage Therapy) certification.  This knowledge will further enhance the effects of the PBM session due to being able to locate and treat trigger points on the spot.  Basically, this acts as acupuncture but with light and is non-invasive.  


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What our clients say

My first therapy session at Total You Health for the novaThor bed was March 11, 2020. Dr Alicia Hollis recommended that I set the appointment and I’m thrilled the connection was made. Due to the research on the different modalities of treatment I asked Linda Bailey to use the red light treatment on several competition horses we are training on our farm. The first appointment was March 23, 2020 and now Linda has treated 4 horses for different issues. We have had her work on tendons behind the knees, stifles, hocks, cervical and SI as well as stomach ulcers. One horse had extreme stiffness in his neck post vaccine and the treatment had immediate results. What we are seeing is a higher energy level and better balanced movement for these high trotting horses. 

As for the results on me the first was far better sleep due to less shoulder and neck pain. Working with horses and having to train myself at a high level to be equally as competitive for my horses means there are always going to be muscle and range of motion issues. This therapy has helped greatly as well as making me and others here who have been treated become more aware of habitual patterns that are creating many of the muscular skeletal problems. Its a win win for all!!


- Karen W.

"I am so grateful to have Total You Health and PBM therapy available in our area! The staff is very knowledgeable, professional and truly wants the best outcome for you. This therapy has been extremely effective in treating my joint inflammation and general aches and pains due to arthritis and Lymes disease. I researched medical evidence and discovered all the benefits of PMB treatments as a pro-active means of treating illness before it develops such as dementia and Alzheimer's. I want to stay ahead of any health issues that may arise and feel PBM therapy is one of the most natural and effective approaches I can take to maintain my health.

 The real proof and beauty of this noninvasive form of treatment came from my canine! Chloe, is an 11 year old golden retriever. She suffered from severe arthritis with joint pain that limited her mobility and mood. She was always very willing but unable to play or walk without obvious pain. She has gone thru many different trials of medications, exercises and even acupuncture to help reduce her pain. All methods did help somewhat but nothing has been as effective as PBM therapy. I inquired with Linda to see if she would do a PBM treatment on Chloe. Linda was eager to give it a try and the results have been amazing! After only 3 treatments, Chloe is once again playful, able to chase squirrels and go for a daily walk! The real truth comes from Chloe's happy tail thumping , gentle nudges and kisses she gives Linda and staff while undergoing treatment. "


- Jill W.

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