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Medical Esthetics

🌿Safe & Healthy Skin Improvements Free of Toxins 🌿


All of our medical esthetic procedures include a 15 minute, FDA-approved, medical-grade Red Light Therapy session. Red light therapy is our specialty, and when your epidermis absorbs this light, it stimulates collagen proteins, helping your skin appear smoother and fuller.  

Do something good for your skin while reducing fine lines and wrinkles.  

nanoneedling antiaging collagen prduction face treatment


Ditch the "tox" -- Nano needling is here!

Rejuvenate your skin back to health & youth.

Botox becomes NOtox here at Total You Health! Nanoneedling reveals beautiful, youthful skin by providing nourishment your skin needs.

Promotes natural collagen & elastin production.



Dermaplaning Skincare Treatment for Acne, Scarring, Skin Tone, Wrinkles, Fine lines, brigthens skin, smoothes skin


acne scars

sun damage

dull skin 

dry skin 

fine lines



+ smoothes skin



Our skin care products are comprised of a rich blend of essential oils that will have your face feeling clean, rejuvenated, and youthful. Total You Health facials are formulated as a 2-Step process.

Step 2: a peptide activator, using a pumpkin enzyme that assists with exfoliation without stressing or irritating the skin, as well as natural bamboo silk beads that provide a gentle, effective exfoliation.

Step 1:  a refining polish that provides a cleansing and purifying boost to the skin.  It also assists in removing dead skin cell buildup.  

Our Healing Hydration Facial is like no other! 

Rejuvenating facial + super hydrating mask + PEMF Therapy + Red Light Therapy

PEMF helps the body rebalance and heal itself where necessary

Your facial ends with a 15 minute Red Light Therapy session, providing a boost of benefits like anti-aging & diminishing imperfections. 

Red Light Therapy improves the skin’s appearance, decreases signs of aging by replenishing collagen in the skin, helps heal scarring, and boosts cellular ATP to enhance healing.

Consult with one of our Skin Care Specialists who can best direct you to a customized solution to fit your needs.  Total You Health has many skin care options available for purchase.

healing hydration facial roanoke, va


Red Light Therapy Packages – This is Total You Health’s signature therapy!  It helps reduce pain, inflammation, improve muscle recovery, decrease anxiety/depression, and more!  Help heal the body on a cellular level with regular sessions in our whole-body pod! (20 minutes)

***Our packages never expire, can be shared with one other person, and can be used for Red Light Therapy (whole body pod or spot treatment), PEMF, Qest4 Bioenergetic testing, Body Contouring, Vibration Therapy, & Medical Esthetics. 

Hydrating Mask to Go– love the feeling and results you get with this deep hydrating mask during your session?  Continue the feeling at home!  These can be purchased in our office!​

Supplement Patches– we use our Qest4 Bioenergetic testing to determine what supplements are best for your body right at this moment.  First you test to see what the system says is best for you right now, then they are drop shipped right to your door!  This also comes with a report.  We order from Natural Solutions and Energique because they use no chemicals nor preservatives.  This is an individualized scan and prices vary.


*Please see a Total You Health Associate for help with any of these add-ons!

Still not sure which service is best for you?

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