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Thor LX-2 Spot Treatment

The LX-2 spot treatment unit uses the same dosage of light as the NovoThor bed but since the light is more concentrated, it can penetrate deeper in the body.  Most sessions with the LX-2 can be accomplished in 15 minutes unless a client has two or more body parts that need treatment.  Each probe has a certain setting and a technician performs the suggested protocol on the client’s area(s) of concern.  

The LX-2 uses three different probes that are applied in a certain order.  First, the larger, red LED light is used for inflammation.  This instrument is used all over the area of concern and each placement lasts for one minute.  

Next, the trigger point probes are used.  This involves a client holding a gold “bar” while a technician uses a pinpoint laser to find areas that are most inflamed and treats them.  It does this via skin conduction so as long as the client holds the gold bar, the technician using the pinpoint laser can move up and down the problem area on the client and it will give a read out of where pain points are. The pinpoint laser senses areas of heat, which are indicative of inflammation.  The technician knows when he/she has found a spot because the unit will display a numerical readout as well as relay a sound that alerts the technician.  Once a spot is found, it is treated with the pinpoint laser for 30 seconds then moved to find another spot.

Lastly, the near infra-red laser is used along the spine where the nerve endings of the treated area connect into it.  This acts somewhat like a pain or nerve block and each placement lasts 30 seconds.  The client feels nothing throughout the treatment session, other than possibly warmth from the near infra-red probe. 

The LX-2 desk unit can treat most anywhere on the body, but the most common areas are back, neck, knee, feet, and hands.  Total You Health also sees clients with head injuries that are treated with this modality, however, the trigger point probes cannot be used for this because they require skin-to-skin contact and hair does not allow for that. 

As with the NovoThor whole body pod, the LX-2 can treat acute and/or chronic conditions.  The more chronic a condition, the more sessions that may be needed to achieve results.  Again, there are no contraindications to using this.  Even a pregnant woman can use the LX-2, however, it would not be used over the pregnant uterus.


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