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Onsite Programs

Total You Health offers onsite therapies at employer locations throughout Roanoke, the New River Valley, and Lynchburg.  These therapies include both the PEMF whole body and spot treatment as well as a Photobiomodulation spot treatment.

We offer these therapies in 15-minute increments and can block off a Tuesday or Thursday morning (such as 9 am – 12 pm), or an afternoon most days.  Employees book their appointments ahead of time and they are first-come, first-served.

We are hopeful employers will see a difference in how their employees feel after experiencing these therapies then understand why they should include them to improve employee health.  Research shows employers need to manage the rapidly increasing costs of health care benefits, and these lower cost methods fit in nicely. 

Total You Health loves taking part in employer health days and health fairs as well!  Since most of our therapies are mobile, it makes it easy to demonstrate to someone how each one works.

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