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How to Have the Energy and Health You Desire

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Book a 15 min. call below to see if you are a candidate for my 1 week wellness formula 

My 1 Week Wellness Formula can help you have the stamina for your family,  enjoy your life, and do all the things you want to do again!

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Hello my friend!  

If you are tired of having low energy, then you’ve probably looked everywhere for a solution.  You’ve probably tried:

  • Drinking more coffee

  • Getting better quality sleep

  • Going to the doctor to have blood tested

Well, here’s the secret to beating low energy for good that NO ONE has told you about:

Linda Bailey

Wife, Mother, Business Owner

Over 4 years ago:

A client moved to my town from across the country.  She told me her health history, which included running test after test and seeing many health professionals to help her gain energy and decrease pain.  Her symptoms were so bad she started looking into long-term disability benefits through her employer because it was getting extremely difficult to make it through a work day.


After doing everything she knew to do and not finding anything that worked, she finally found a doctor who did a different kind of test.  It is a little-known method, but she did it.  Low and behold, the remedies it suggested started helping her!  She had more energy AND her pain level decreased.  It worked so well she did not go through with claiming a disability and was able to remain working another 10 years!  Afterwards, she retired and moved to my town.

“It’s Like For The First Time In A Very Long Time I Have Someone Who Hears Me, Understands Why I’m Having The Health Issues I’m Having, And Is Willing To Listen And Help Do Something About It!”

Interestingly, this lesser-known testing picked up on certain body systems that were out of balance, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, even some hormonal and neurological imbalances.  All these things that various blood testing did not pick up on - probably because they weren’t looked at as being necessary to test for.

This happens to many people.  They are taking medications, getting bloodwork done, all these things to try to get to the bottom of why they feel so bad without actually finding out what the root cause is.  If you’re not treating the right issues, then it’s almost no use in taking the medications that are given as a result.    

“After years of experiencing irregular menstrual cycles and suffering from severe PMS I decided to seek an alternative healing process, that for many years my traditional doctors wanted to cure only by prescribing me Hormonal Birth Control to “fix” the issues. Working with Linda has helped me find deficiencies and identify areas within my body to work on to increase my overall health and wellness. The tests were fast and easy, and Linda is great with helping me understand my results and following up with my daily progress. In my experience since working with Linda is that my symptoms have become more manageable and overall I feel much better. I am back on a normal regular menstrual schedule, my hot flashes are fewer each month, my craving for sugars have decreased and I’ve had less bloating and pain.”

Tammy C.

A lot of people will take medications and do all these things to try to fight symptoms of problems that don’t actually exist in their body.  If only you knew what your body actually needed … then you could give it the remedy it REALLY needs, rather than what you might think it needs.  This is the beauty of this testing!

That’s what makes this testing so powerful!  It allows you to uncover the issues going on in the body so you can actually take proper action and implement remedies that will allow you to significantly improve your symptoms of these problems.

“I reached out to Linda because I had heard about the testing she does and I thought it would help me with my health where I had found some blockages.  From the moment I called the office, I felt very good. The receptionists were extremely kind and helpful. Linda Bailey herself is exceptionally warm and supportive. I had wondered if toxins or some nutritional deficiencies were causing the some of the issues that I was having. I received my first set of the drops after the scan and was curious to see if I would notice a difference after taking them. Very quickly, my sleep became deeper. Though I felt more tired at first almost throughout the whole month of taking the drops, I felt it was my body detoxing, which I know needs energy too. My bowels had been a little sluggish before and that didn't change at this point. But I tried the scan a second time and we focused on more specific ailments I had and my energy was better, the bowels were better. I am really glad to have done this testing even though at first I was partially skeptical and partially hopeful.  I have been really impressed by what it can find through a scan and I know some of my issues are chronic and require time, but I am very pleased with the results thus far.  Thanks to Linda!”

Rita P.

So you can feel less tired, full of energy, and have lots of stamina to do what you need to do and more!  You actually can know the remedies you take are the exact ones you need based on knowing what your body is deficient in.

So what is this testing all about?  Simply put, it just tests a hair or nail sample!  Fingernail or hair sample testing is highly stable, simple to collect, and easy to ship and store.  They work because both hair and nails are made of keratin.  Toxins, viruses, bacteria can be detected as well as vitamin, mineral, and hormonal deficiencies because this information can pass from the blood vessels into the keratin fibers, where it becomes trapped.  

“This testing is different from anything I have done before.  I have had alternative medicine scans done but they required me to take multiple drops.  This is much better because everything is combined into one dropper bottle.  Also, throughout a dropper sequence, the drops would increase each week and I had to keep up with everything.  With what Linda does, the drops stay consistent until I do another scan (or run out of drops).  I have noticed a big difference in my sleep especially since starting with the testing.”

Pam K.

All these different biomarkers (a measurable substance in the body whose presence is indicative of a disease, infection, environmental exposure, or deficiency) are locked in the keratin and can be detected anywhere from 90 days to more than 3 months later!  This is why drug testers use hair and/or nail samples to determine if drugs or alcohol have been ingested. 


By testing hair or nails, we can learn about toxin build up, viruses, bacteria, as well as vitamin, mineral and hormonal deficiencies, and much more!   

“The testing has literally given me answers to some of my unsolved health questions that went unanswered for years!  Thank you Linda!”

Denise F.

When we  know what these deficiencies or exposures are, we can then provide non-toxic solutions that can be taken to bring the body back to balance.  Once the body resolves these issues and gets what it needs to function at 100%, it has more energy!  Therefore, testing hair or nail samples is very effective in learning what is going on in the body.  Then we can know what the root cause is behind someone having low energy, hormonal imbalances, digestive disorders, and more.


The scientific term for this is Bioenergetic Testing.  I researched this type of testing and found doctors all over the country using this method to help their patients when other medical tests came back offering no help to explain why they felt so bad.  

“This testing is unlike so many other forms of healthcare because it helps identify deficiencies, parasites, allergies, toxins and other root causes for illness.  When we get to the core of what our body is missing or battling against, and remedy that by providing tailored homeopathic drops to address each issue, we restore our body to a sense of balance and equip it to do what only it can do:  heal, rebuild, and grow like it should.  Without understanding the root cause we may spend a lifetime treating and band-aiding symptoms without ever really feeling like we’re making progress.  The testing makes sure that’s not the case and will help you make improvements in your health.

Not only is this for humans but for animals as well!  My dog was attacked by another dog so he was hurting and probably had some trauma issues as well.  We ran a scan for him and soon after starting on the drops, he was so much better!  The drops really made a difference for him and he’s back to being his adorable fluffy self!

Cilla T.

After months of researching and then training, I became certified and bought the equipment needed to offer this service to my local clients.  After a few years of seeing great results with them, I started reaching out to a few clients out of town and again, had the same great results with them.

Then, I use the testing to come up with customized remedies specifically for each client’s needs to help them overcome vitamin/mineral deficiencies, hormonal/neurological imbalances and more.  This encompasses my 1 Week Wellness Formula!

“This offers a drug-free alternative that is very effective!  I’ve made less doctor visits and it’s cheaper than co-pays for different specialists.  What’s more, it works!  No more professional guessing!”

Dena G.

I invited those same clients to hop on a call with me so we could go through their specific tests and offer them my premium coaching offers and services.

Fast forward to now, and I’ve got clients all over the country booking sessions with me, sending me their samples, and receiving their specific remedies.  They not only have more energy since their hormones are in check and no longer have vitamin and mineral deficiencies, but they also feel better than they have felt in years!

Now, I can’t do the testing for someone if they aren’t willing to discuss their health issues on a call.  I also can’t promise these results if someone isn’t willing to take the remedies as instructed.  

But these remedies do work, and not just for me!

Let me show you some information from inside my own report a while back that helped me when my energy level was really low.

How Would Your Life Change If Every Day You Looked And Felt Like You Had Enough Energy To Do All You Had To Do And Then Some?

This is what one scan of mine showed me:

Screen Shot 2022-06-24 at 5.35.26 PM.png
What If You Knew Of A Way To Help Yourself Feel Better Just By Taking A Few Drops A Day?
What Could You Accomplish If You Had 100% 
Of Your Energy Back …
Screen Shot 2022-06-28 at 3.17.01 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-06-28 at 3.17.14 PM.png
… Every Single Day?

DISCLAIMER:  Most people don’t feel well because they haven’t found out about this type of testing or they don’t believe in it.  I’ve been doing this for over 4 years and my clients get great results with testing their hair and nails and using the individualized remedies sent to them.  We also work together on their health goals and make a plan of action to obtain them, but first they have to have the energy to put in the work to reach their goals.

For those clients that are willing to do what is required, I can show you how to transform your life beginning with a simple test.

Book a Call to see if you  are a candidate for the 1 Week Wellness Formula -

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Book a Call to see if you  are a candidate for the 1 Week Wellness Formula -

When you book a call, you get my FREE 4-part video series which will help you uncover why you feel low on energy.


They are FREE!

If you like them and learn a bit, maybe you’ll see if I can help you get your life back, have energy, and feel great to do all the things you want to do again.

Or not.

Either way, they are full of good information about how your body works, all the systems, and how they all work together.

Here’s Some Of What You’ll Discover In the FREE 4-Part Video Series:

  • Learn about different hormones in the body and what they do for us

  • How are metabolism, thirst, emotions, mood, sleep are all affected 

  • The endocrine system and its importance in giving you the energy you need

  • Importance of hormones 

  • What happens when even one hormone is off balance

  • Where important glands are located in the body

  • Why these glands are important

  • The many ways hormones can get off balance

  • What happens when hormones are off balance in the body

  • What medical conditions affect the balance o the endocrine system

  • What percent of the population experiences these medical conditions

  • Three leading ways hormones are thrown off balance

  • What happens in the body in each of these three cases

  • Symptoms of hormone imbalance

  • Why more women than ever are reporting increases in their symptoms of hormone imbalance

  • The percentage of how much these cases are increasing

  • Even MORE symptoms of hormone imbalance that you may not think are linked

  • Why doctors can’t just run a test for hormonal imbalance

  • Why there is no one size fits all test that can be run to solve everyone’s issues 

  • Why a holistic approach to solving hormonal imbalance is best

  • Discussion of our current state of healthcare

  • What doctors tend to target to help with hormonal imbalance vs. taking into account ALL hormone levels

  • What this testing looks like

  • How this testing works

  • The scientific basis for this testing

  • How this testing was discovered – in the 1940’s!

  • What this testing does and how it helps “hold” balance in the body

  • How is this testing done

  • Why this testing works

  • All the many tests that can be run

  • What issues may this testing help with

  • The recommended baseline testing

  • What is included with each test

  • An example of three tests 

  • How long do you take the remedies

  • And MORE!!!

The videos will include questions to self-assess if you may be a candidate for testing.

Book a Call to see if you  are a candidate for the 1 Week Wellness Formula -

“Bioenergetic testing isn’t like anything else I’ve experienced.  It is the most thorough and comprehensive testing I’ve ever received.  Not just the testing but the treatment to match.  Most of the time I get passed from specialist to specialist who can only prescribe a medication for 1 symptom based on me describing symptoms or lab work.  The specialists don’t communicate with each other.  However, Qest knows everything down to my dental and sinus symptoms and was correct about my son and I having mold in our bodies when we hadn’t found it in the apartment yet.  It is like having every test, every specialist communicating at once and coming up with an easy to take, natural remedy instead of many prescriptions.”

Sarah M.

Book A Call Right Now AND Get Your 4 Bonus Videos FREE!

Bonus 1 - video 1 

Do you know what system in the body controls all our body functions and how it relates to our energy level?  This video discusses how this system regulates the energy we get from our nutrients.  Learn what nutrients play a big role in how you feel and how it feeds into your emotions, mood, sleep, and more.  

Screen Shot 2022-06-28 at 3.26.46 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-06-28 at 3.28.00 PM.png

Bonus 2 – video 2 
Often the biggest reason we feel bad isn’t necessarily that we have a condition, it can be when it comes down to it our hormones are out of balance.  In this training, I’m going to discuss how stress, medical conditions, eating disorders, and more can disrupt the balance of your hormones and more importantly, what you can do to ensure your hormones more regularly stay in balance.  

Bonus 3 – video 3 

Unfortunately, more women than ever are reporting increases in symptoms due to hormonal imbalance.  Don’t be a statistic – listen to the video to determine if you experience some of these symptoms so you can start taking the necessary steps to overcome them!

Screen Shot 2022-06-28 at 3.28.55 PM.png

Bonus 4 – video 4 

In this video, I discuss the revolutionary testing that can change your life!  See the reports from my actual scans and learn the history and science behind the method.  Most importantly, see how you can get started taking this holistic approach to feeling better once and for all!  

Book A Call Right Now AND Get Your 4 Bonus Videos FREE!

But The 1 Week Wellness Formula Is About More Than

Just Helping You Rediscover Your Energy…

Sure, the 1 Week Wellness Formula will help you find out the root cause of your tiredness and how to fix it for good.  

But for most of my clients, its actually what happens AFTER they’ve rediscovered their energy that makes the biggest difference!

Most clients really want what the 1 Week Wellness Formula can help them with:

  • Abounding energy

  • Relief of nagging symptoms

  • Sound sleep

  • Clarity about health goals

  • A plan to get moving in the right direction

  • Balance in the body to continue to feel great

  • Lots MORE!!!

So I’ve developed a formula where I can provide you with non-toxic remedies that are specific for Your health goals AND give you more energy so you can focus on achieving the best health to live your Best LIFE!

It only takes about a week using the customized remedies to notice changes in your energy level.

I reveal the entire program on the 15-min. call. Just spending 15 min. on the call is all you need to determine if you are a candidate for this service.

Book A Call Right Now AND Get Your 4 Bonus Videos FREE!

Hope to speak with you soon!


P.S. Here is a recap of everything:

1. I help busy women who have sacrificed everything for their jobs and/or families whose health and energy are low. 

2. I have helped many over the past 4 years have more energy and feel better – all in a non-toxic way – by testing just a hair sample.

3. By booking a brief, 15-minute call, we can both determine if you qualify for the 1 Week Women’s Wellness Formula, you can ask questions, and learn about the entire process.

4. Also, if you book a call today, I will include 4 bonus videos.  The first discussing specific hormones, why they are important and what they do.  The second tells the many ways they can get off balance and how that affects us.  The third video talks about the terrible rise in the percent of women across the U.S. suffering with hormonal imbalances and why our medical community cannot seem to provide an answer.  Lastly, video 4 discusses the benefits of a holistic approach to finding out ALL our deficiencies and how this testing works to get to the root cause of the issues.

5. You can get all of this for FREE!  What do you have to lose by learning about a way that could really help you gain the energy you need to do all you have to do and more!

Book A Call Right Now AND Get Your 4 Bonus Videos FREE!

About Linda

Linda Bailey started her testing business four years ago as a result of a client describing her own issues with Fibromyalgia, how this testing kept her from long-term disability, and allowed her to keep working.


Due to a lot of research, testimonies from doctors who use the very system Linda uses all over the country, and urging from this client, Linda discovered the many benefits of Bioenergetic testing and how it could be used in many ways to help all kinds of people who are suffering and not getting relief from conventional methods.


Linda serves on the board of two non-profits, is the owner of Total You Health, and has helped many clients get out of pain, have more energy, and feel much better!


She has grown from a small, local brick and mortar business offering two therapies, to having nine therapies with an online branch serving people all over the country.   


When she is not working on how she can help others, she loves spending time with friends and family, reading self-help books of all kinds, and traveling.


Above all, Linda believes family comes first and that good health is one of the primary ways to ensure you will be around for them.  She thinks others have the right to feel good too so they can do what they need to for work and family and have energy left to do more.  This includes making a plan to achieve health goals and finding out what your specific body needs are to live a long, happy, and healthy life.

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